How To Keep Remote Employees Engaged

Even before the pandemic introduced us to the world of remote work, our company has been flexible with its employees about working remote when needed. The need for more remote work has grown since March 2020 and is likely here to stay. We even hired and onboarded a new employee during COVID and learned what it takes to keep your remote employees engaged.

Over Communicate

When you have a new employee who isn’t in the office, it’s easy for the little things to go by the wayside. You need to make sure you’re reaching out to them and paying attention to their needs since you won’t have a visual cue of any hesitancy or discomforts they may be feeling about the job or company.

Keep It Light

Make sure each time you reach out to the employee it’s not just to speak about work. Get to know them on a personal level and interact with them as you would in an in-person setting. It’s easy to lose the personal connection when you’re only ever speaking on the phone or via video call about work.

Ask For and Listen To Feedback

Communicate with employees when you take action (or why you won’t be taking action) on their feedback so they know they have been heard and their opinion is valued. When employees feel valued they are happier and more engaged at work.

Employee engagement is always important (remote or otherwise) because it’s related to employee retention. An engaged employee is less likely to seek a new job and more likely to be loyal to the company that supports their ambitions. Engaged employees form the core of your business’s productivity.