Your Social Media Posts Can Get You Fired

social media fired

Even in 2023, your social media posts can get you fired. You need to be careful about the information you are putting out there because if your employer sees it and feels it’s a bad reflection on you or the company, it could be cause for dismissal. Many might be thinking, “Oh, what I’m posting…

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Have Nike’s Philosophies Changed Your Team’s Game?


The new movie Air is out. It’s about how Nike, a company, and rookie Michael Jordan partnered up and revolutionized the sport and culture. At the time in 1984, when these events took place, Nike was in a terrible place. The company was about to cancel its basketball division. They desperately needed a break. The…

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Are You Utilizing These Important Sales Techniques?

sales techniques

Too often people are not communicating effectively and therefore are missing out on important sales opportunities. This becomes especially relevant when you’re trying to convince someone to purchase your product/idea/consulting service and you are focused on your needs and your end game: to close the deal. What if we changed our focus and instead concentrated…

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How Well Are You Handling Stress And Burnout?

We recently had an employee who had a rough week. It’s not uncommon in what we do, our job is unique and the day-to-day can be grinding. After a series of difficult days, our employee said it might be time to rethink career strategies. Talk about stress and burnout. Fortunately, after one great day, everything…

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Why Looking For a Job Is a Full-Time Job

You’ve heard the phrase before, but maybe you don’t feel inclined to make looking for a new job your full-time job. Perhaps you feel this way because you’re only casually looking, but many candidates we work with feel this way because they don’t think it should be this hard to find a job. I guess…

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Do You Know What You’re Selling and Why?

People often ask what I do for a living. The easy answer is, “I’m in sales.” However, it’s more accurate to say, “I’m a consultant.” Yes, we are working to close deals to make money, but selling is the lesser of the factors when it comes to what I do for a living. I work…

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How To Choose A Recruiter To Boost Your Hiring Brand

woman giving a presentation

Every company puts careful thought into how they appear to customers, but few give the same consideration to prospective employees. How you communicate with the talent pool is known as your company’s hiring brand, and with the marketplace becoming more competitive than ever, thinking about it is no longer optional.  We’ve discussed the importance of employer…

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Strategies to Reduce Zoom Fatigue

The COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly changed how we live, work, and interact with each other. Throughout the past year, we’ve grown accustomed to ordering groceries online, working from makeshift offices throughout our homes, and communicating with friends and colleagues over Zoom, FaceTime, and other video conferencing platforms.  These were new experiences for many people —…

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When Is the Best Time to Hire?

One of the most common stressors for companies is knowing when to hire. Many build out hiring plans for the next year in late Q3 or Q4 while they’re deep in budgeting mode, and start hiring in Q1 when bonuses have been paid out vacation time has been used, and top talent is willing to…

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How to Handle a Leadership Change in Your Organization

Most human beings resist change. After all, the unknown is uncomfortable. Changes in leadership are no exception — with them comes a natural apprehension. What direction will the new leader take? How does that impact your future?  However, with the right mindset and a smart approach, changes in leadership can lead to great opportunities. They…

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