Have Nike’s Philosophies Changed Your Team’s Game?


The new movie Air is out. It’s about how Nike, a company, and rookie Michael Jordan partnered up and revolutionized the sport and culture.

At the time in 1984, when these events took place, Nike was in a terrible place. The company was about to cancel its basketball division. They desperately needed a break. The company took a huge calculated risk and it paid off.

What’s also interesting to note was how many times during the movie they referenced Nike’s core philosophies.

Read these. Read them again. Number three: perfect results count — not a perfect process. How many times have you tried to perfect the process so much and ended up with terrible results? How many times has the process been incredibly sloppy, but you’ve ended up where you wanted?

Number seven: Your job isn’t done until the job is done. So much of what’s troubling our work ethic these days is likely tied to this principle.

Number ten: do the right things.

It’s fair to say while no company is perfect there are lessons to be learned here.