Your Social Media Posts Can Get You Fired

social media fired

Even in 2023, your social media posts can get you fired. You need to be careful about the information you are putting out there because if your employer sees it and feels it’s a bad reflection on you or the company, it could be cause for dismissal.

Many might be thinking, “Oh, what I’m posting isn’t specific” or “I’m not saying anything bad,” in this woman’s TikTok story that is going viral, she’s claiming she’s been fired three times in the last several months and the final time was because of her comments relating to her company.

She maintains she wasn’t being negative, she was looking for shared experience. However, not knowing the company, its policies, and its views on social media, she should have probably just not taken the chance and said anything at all.

Too many companies are concerned about bad press, bad public relations, clients being turned off by what they’ve seen, and a possible lawsuit to even allow this to happen. The woman in the TikTok also goes on in the article to say she wished she’d had a warning and she would have taken them down. Some companies have no tolerance policies.

Even if you have your accounts listed as private, information can get leaked. Friends at work can share with other people within the company. Just be warned. Social media can get you fired.