How To Protect Your Workforce From The Great Resignation

With people quitting their jobs in record numbers, many business owners are concerned about protecting their workforce from the Great Resignation. If you’re not familiar with the phenomenon, people are quitting in record numbers. The Department of Labor reported 4 million people quit their jobs in April. That number fell to 3.6 million in May and went back up to 3.9 million in June. 

Many employees have enjoyed the flexibility of remote work during the pandemic and have not been eager to return to the office or they would like a more flexible schedule. Here are some ways you can develop employee retention in the midst of the Great Resignation.

  1. Be flexible. Many employees found they preferred to work from home becasue they didn’t want to fight the commute, or they just preferred working from home. Other people are looking forward to returning to the office buzz. Many offices have adopted a hybrid approach where employees come into the office some days and work from home others. Our office has been hybrid long before the pandemic. We’ve seen success allowing our employees to do what works best for them and to come into the office when they need collaboration or time in person.
  2. Provide career development opportunities. Good employees will certainly go elsewhere if they don’t see you investing in their futures. Encourage learning on company time, provide career paths for people if you haven’t already and develop your future leaders. All of it creates a pipeline of great people who want to move up the ladder.
  3. Show Your Appreciation. Any company who has thrived during the pandemic have one thing in common: great employees. Make sure you show them how much you appreciate their efforts.

Loyal, engaged employees only make your company stronger.