Why You Should Speak With A Recruiter (Even If You Aren’t Looking For a Job)

As a recruiter, I place hundreds of cold calls a week to potential candidates. Sometimes they are actively searching for a new job, but most often, I am calling candidates who are relatively happy in their current position. Even if you’re not interested in making a change right now, this phone call may prove to be beneficial to you and your career goals.

Why am I calling?

I am calling you because I ran across your profile on LinkedIn or a copy of your resume and you appear to be a good fit for either a position I am currently working on or positions my clients are typically looking for.

The position I’m currently working on may not be public yet, so this simple conversation could give you insights into changes and trends happening in the market. It’s possible I’m working a job you could be an excellent fit for and you didn’t even know it existed until this phone call.

If it turns out it’s you have no interest or are not a good fit, maybe you know someone who would be.

Do you have a crystal ball?

The reality is, things with your current company could change in an instant. Businesses go through restructuring, positions are overhauled, new people are brought on board that changes the dynamics, and managers are promoted or leave. These changes happen all the time are unpredictable.  When things change, you may find you need a change too.

When we talk.

So, when a recruiter calls, take a few minutes out of your day to talk. Keep an open mind, I may have something now, or I may be able to help you find your dream job, you don’t know unless you answer the phone.  If I’m calling, it’s likely because I’m working a position and think you’re a good fit. First impressions are everything,  I’m checking to see if you’re personable, professional and someone I would want to send over for an open position, so be articulate and positive.

Can’t talk?

Thank you for answering, but if you’re not in a position to speak with me when I call, it’s ok, I understand, just let me know when is a good time and we can schedule a time to talk later.

If I have piqued your interest.

Typically, I won’t be able to share what company I’m working with, but if our call goes well, I can send you more information and we can continue our contact via email. If you aren’t looking for a new position, feel free to share what you might be looking for in the future and what you would need to make a career switch. It’s always helpful to have that information.

Planting seeds.

This simple conversation plants the seed to a relationship that could sprout immediately or slowly over time.  One day when you are ready to make a change, give me a call, I won’t be a stranger. Working with a recruiter can help make the job search and interviewing process seamless.