Timing is Everything: What to Consider When Planning Career Changes or Growth

Popular advice when it comes to growing your career is: timing is everything. You’ve heard it before, but how do you own your timing and use it to progress along your chosen career path? How do you take steps to respond when opportunities present themselves, but also create the conditions for those opportunities in the first place?

There are three ways to think about timing when you’re seeking career growth.

Be ready. Part of having great timing is being ready for a promotion when the opportunity presents itself. Be sure you are constantly learning and developing in your current role.

Think about your team. It’s important that you think not just about yourself, but about your team and the work you would be leaving behind when you take the next step. If you seek to jump too soon after landing the role you’re currently in, you’ll be perceived as self-serving, which is never a good thing for your credibility. Also, don’t leave them in a lurch. Consider their work cycle and don’t leave your colleagues without adequate resources, backup plans, or someone to take over the role you’re vacating.

Be ready to stretch. If you’ve planted the right seeds and positioned yourself for growth, chances are the knock on your door may come before you even think you’re ready. Keep learning and growing in your current role and be ready to expand your responsibilities. Trust yourself and have the confidence to make the leap to what’s new.

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