Selling 101: Marketing and Solicitation

You’ve all heard the expression in sales “ABC: Always Be Closing.” It’s not bad advice, it’s just not the entire picture of what makes a great salesperson. It’s 2021, and we need to enhance our strategies and utilize the tools we’ve been given; however, we need to remember the classics still work.

For example: does your business need to be on social media? If the answer is “yes,” the next question is “which channels are right for our customers?” Note how we didn’t say “which channels are right for us.” You only have a business if your customers are willing to work with you. If they can’t find you – either online or in person – they will go someplace easier where they can find a different product. That product may not be better. It’s just easier.

We are a niche recruiting firm designed to help put the correct people in positions with fantastic companies. Obviously, we want to make money, but we want it to be honest, fair, and ethical. How many companies do you work with who can say that? It’s not just about the sale for us. A bad hiring decision means more work and less money for us.

We received this solicitation in the mail this week.

Peggy Kieper | Realtor®/Broker | Presidents Club, Life Member | Platinum Producer | F.C. Tucker | Talk to Tucker

It’s the kind of mail from another business we LIKE to receive. It’s our realtor and friend, Peggy Kieper. Instead of sending unsolicited calls, texts, and emails about whether or not we might be trying to sell our home (news flash: we’re not), she sent us some great Drive-In Date Night suggestions! How clever! This is basically a mailer. This type of marketing is old school. A classic. Peggy found a way to enhance her strategy to show her customer she’s the expert in her field. We already knew that. 🙂 But she gave us some great ideas to try this summer and that’s a win for us which is why we are highlighting her expertise.

If you need help figuring your next great career move, send us a message. We’re always open to having great conversations. Many of our clients become our friends for a reason. We’d love to be friends with you too!