Do You Know What You’re Selling and Why?

People often ask what I do for a living. The easy answer is, “I’m in sales.” However, it’s more accurate to say, “I’m a consultant.” Yes, we are working to close deals to make money, but selling is the lesser of the factors when it comes to what I do for a living. I work very hard not to say, “I’m a recruiter.”

An often misunderstood fact about recruiters is people assume we are headhunters. In some cases, yes, we are, but mostly the answer is – no, we are not. A headhunter works for the person looking for a job. They help craft the resume and cover letter, coach the person on the interview process and help set them up for success. However, if that’s all you focus on during the hiring process, you’re missing half the equation.

Our clients are companies looking to hire. The companies we choose to work with are great companies who are simply working too hard to serve their customer and they need to outsource the hiring element. The company pays us to put the right people in front of them. Then we are paid if they decide WE made a good decision. It’s the same as when you hire a consultant to help you navigate your brand. We are helping build the brand of XYZ Corporation. The way we do that? Help them hire more amazing people.

So, yes, we do assist people who are searching for their next great career move. We want to ensure they land the position. That’s how we make money. However, we don’t want to put just anybody in the job. That makes us look bad. We don’t want to look bad. If we look bad, our client (the company) won’t hire us in the future.

We like to educate people. When a person reaches out to us and says “Please help me find a better paying job.” We ask them one question: “Are you only looking to make a move because of money?” If the answer is “yes” then we tell them to go directly to their hiring manager and ask for more money. Alert them you are about to walk off the job because you aren’t being paid what you are worth. That doesn’t mean be greedy. What value do you bring the company? Does it match their output? What is the cost/risk analysis on keeping you on as an employee versus hiring an eager college grad who will do it for half the cost?

Our firm specializes in a variety of markets, but we can’t help everyone, unfortunately. Feel free to reach out to us and let us help you find your next big thing. You never know, you might be our next big thing too! We are always looking for quality individuals who are looking for a flexible schedule and willing to work hard and play often.