How To Use LinkedIn for Business

As recruiters, we live on LinkedIn for our business. We’ve also seen a lot of people not adhering to some pretty general best practice guidelines. Items you should never put on LinkedIn: politics (or any political issue) and religion.

Some of you may be reading this and thinking “who would do that?” Well, the answer is lots of people! There is absolutely nothing wrong with letting your personality shine through online. In fact, we recommend it! In this COVID/hybrid/work from home world we live, employers understand better than ever your personal life will bleed into your professional life. It’s kind of silly it took us so long to recognize you can’t completely separate the two ideas: personal vs. professional.

Our office has always believed in making good hires and doing what’s necessary to make it work. We accept a hybrid employee or someone who doesn’t even live in our state IF you’re the right fit for our company. Do you want to be our next great hire? Send us your resume!