Sales Can Be Icky

Recently, I had a car salesman say to me, “I never wanted to be a car salesman.” He said it with a big smile on his face. After speaking with him further, it was clear this was his intended career path. So I said to him, “You’re not a car salesman. You’re a car guy.”

Sales can be icky. It’s gotten a bad name, especially in the car industry. But why have sales become such a bad word? Because of people who do it badly! I had the greatest sales experience and couldn’t leave enough 5-star reviews. I tell everyone I know to travel from near and far to visit this dealership because they are doing it right.

In fact, I just got my brand new Honda Pilot a few weeks ago and when I called back today to ask a finance question, my sales guy answered. Confused, I explained I was looking for someone in finance. He proudly told me he had been promoted. I said, “See, you didn’t have to stay a sales guy for long!” He laughed and said he was really happy in his new position.

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