How Well Are You Handling Stress And Burnout?

We recently had an employee who had a rough week. It’s not uncommon in what we do, our job is unique and the day-to-day can be grinding. After a series of difficult days, our employee said it might be time to rethink career strategies.

Talk about stress and burnout.

Fortunately, after one great day, everything turned around. It’s amazing how that can happen, not just in our line of work, but in general. You just need that one glimmer of hope to know you can move forward to succeed another day.

This article by Gallup explains burnout as one of the most pressing issues facing the global workforce. In fact, 28% of workers say that they feel burned out at work either “very often” or “always.”

That’s a significant number.

So How Do You Handle Stress And Burnout

There’s no one way to deal with stress and burnout and it’s largely based, according to the Gallup survey, on your strengths. People have burnout coping strategies that they naturally gravitate toward, and those strategies can be quite effective. Make sure to read the checklist to see how you can best manage your stress and burnout to be a more effective and present employee, parent, friend and be better to yourself.